We’re creating a dental practice where your smile makes you more confident, not less

Not all dental clinics are built equal.

Over the years, we’ve seen lots of them come and go for various reasons.Our founder decided to be different from them.

Tired of selfish dental practices, he knew that the only way to guarantee doing workthat made him proud and was ethical to his career as well, was to build his own spot.

One where he could control the way the team was built and made sure only trueprofessionals stayed.

That’s how Alamo Dental was born.

Because you deserved a place with your best interests in mind.


Edgar is our patient coordinator.

He makes sure you land with the right specialist foryour needs.

He also looks after you: that you get hotel accommodation if you decide tostay in town, that you can easily get your medication (if needed) and make youcomfortable here at Alamo.

He’s met numerous patients over the last ten years (and running).

Edgar has confessedhis love of meeting younger people and seeing them grow up and keep coming back.


Samaria graces herself about giving the most warm welcomes.

She’s unbeatable atsmiling: nobody smiles longer than she does around here.

A customer service expert, she lives by treating others the way she’d like to be treated,which is always the best mantra when it comes to this.

Samaria is passionate about arts.

Her favorite, and one that she practices in her freetime, is drawing.


Armando believes it’s sad to arrive at places where it seems like people just don’t wantto talk to you.

Especially when they’re at customer service.

As part of our receptionist team, he enjoys surprising our patients by going over the top with what he delivers, like that one time he helped someone get medication… forhis dog.

Periodontics Specialist

Graduating from UABC, she’s alifelong learner who has gained lots of experience from both, courses and work.
Dr. Gaby Velez is our go to periodontics specialist.

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Root Canal Specialist

Dr. Angel Alvarado is the specialist we trust for endodontic treatments. For him,diagnosis is really important, as there’s a lot of difference between one tooth andanother.

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Implant Specialist

Dr. Tomas Garcia is our implant specialist, hailing from our state university, UABC.Considering himself a perfectionist, he decided that becoming an implantologist wouldsuit his practice the best. Not only for him, but for his patients.

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